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Indy touches my soul as I pray for one more miracle

We received very sad news on 1/19/11 after having Indy’s lungs ex-rayed for his “one -year” check-up. I knew that this day would come, but  didn’t want to focus on it, as I wanted to enjoy and cherish each and every day of our boy’s life that we were given. It has been a miracle that we have had him this long and we are so thankful to have this very special time to give & receive so much love…

Indy’s lung ex-rays now show that the cancer is back. The cells that were originally microscopic when we he was first diagnosed, have developed into large tumors. (2 right now). When the osteosarcoma attacks one area ~ it immediately spreads to the lungs…and waits… It could re-surface at any time… It usually does not “wait” this long to attack again, as it is one of the most aggressive cancers that there is.  We have been truly blessed, and then some, that it waited one year to attack.  The doctors told us that he may have weeks or maybe a month…and if we have another miracle…maybe even a couple of months… We are grateful for every single day that we have him by our side…He is our blessing, and my soul dog… 

He is doing amazing right now – you would never know he was sick…He pulls us into the snow so he can “frolic”, he still wants to go for his walks, he still so enjoys relaxing in the big pile of snow that we call his “snow bed”!( We keep ¾ of our good size deck covered in snow.) We give our Indy a winter wonderland!

We have to pray that Indy does not feel pain and that he lives life to its fullest ~ as he always does. We will do everything in our power to be sure he is comfortable and give him extra doses of love, hugs & kisses which he already has been getting a steady dose of (his whole life and then some) !

I feel like I do not ever want to leave his side…I don’t want to miss one minute of his love…one minute of his sweet kisses and the way he puts his paw on our hand as we hug him, the amazing voice he has when he says “I love you” and talks to his heart’s content…and how he enjoys his singing and howling…I hold on to the way he looks at us ~ with so much love, how he counts to 10 ~ and how he always is by our side no matter what part of the house we are in… he has  “bright eyes and a bushy tail that is so adorable as it curls, the list goes on….… He is one happy Siberian husky that we love with all of our hearts!!!!

I am heartbroken and beyond… I write this with tears and sadness – but much joy ~ we still have Indiana to love…I pray even more than ever….please give us one more day…

13 Responses to “Indy touches my soul as I pray for one more miracle”

  1.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    I am so sorry to read this about your beautiful Indy. My heart goes out to you and I know how this next part of the journey can be one of the most difficult. When we were nearing the end of Mackenzie’s journey, I finally got what it means to appreciate each moment you have together and start creating those wonderful memories that you’ll have forever. We will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and hope you do get your miracle with your Indy.
    Lots of golden hugs…..

  2.   fightingforsammy Says:

    That makes me very sad. I love talking dogs, and Indy is a beautiful boy. I will be praying for a miracle for him and you, he is precious.
    Elizabeth and Sammy

  3.   jerry Says:

    We’re so sorry. It is awfully sad, upsetting news, we understand completely. But remember, many of us live for a long time with mets, much longer than those silly statistic say we will. In fact, my pawrents met a three year OS survivor who’s been living with lung mets for two years! And he’s 12 years old!

    Be sure to look into metronomic therapy, as it really does seem to keep those nasty spots at bay for a while.

    We send lots of hugs and love your way, know that we’re all thinking of you two OK? xoxo

  4.   credocanis Says:

    I can picture your boy, I think precisely, based on your words. I smile as I think of him in the snow, and his singing, and his bright, beautiful eyes. While I’m terribly sorry to hear that his cancer has returned, I am smiling as I think of him still living life in the only way he knows how…without reservation.

    You have a beautiful boy, and an amazing approach. I can only hope when I am in your place, that I will find the same strength. Thank you for that reminder.

    Lincoln’s Mom

  5.   jdsmom Says:

    So sorry for your sad news of Indy’s lung mets.
    But you write so clearly of the love he gives you. Hold fast to the great things you just told us about him. You have him now and as you said, he is happy. Keep living in this moment.

    Mom to Spirit JD and the quadpaws Serena and Maya

  6.   Indiana Says:

    Thank you all so very much for your very sweet and caring words…it means so much to me…I know some of you have already been through this and some praying that that time will never come…I know you all feel the love and feel the pain…I am holding on tight to his love….I wish I can hold him and never let him go….but I will… when he lets me know…Until then…I will always pray for another amazing day with him…he has such a zest for life and I pray he has a chance to enjoy more days like today…..playing in the snow for hours with his mom by his side xoxo

  7.   CatiesMom Says:

    I too am so very sorry to hear of the return of the ugly cancer.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing and keeping that big, beautiful, singing, counting, snow-bounding boy close.


  8.   etgayle Says:

    sad news indeed. sounds like you are capturing every moment, enjoying each and every day – living life to the fullest is the best way to fight cancer. hugs to that little snow man.

    charon & gayle

  9.   admin Says:

    We know the news is devastating, but it is not by any means a death sentence! Remember, Indy is living with cancer, not dying from it.

    Jerry lived another nine happy months after we discovered his lung mets. We attribute this mostly to his metronomics and K9 Immunity.

  10.   Leslie Says:

    My heart goes out to you. Indiana is very beautiful. I pray he is able to live well for a long time with those mets.


  11.   Indiana Says:

    I am so touched with all of your beautiful words! I haven’t been on this web site very long or very often…I will try to visit all of you when I can! Sending prayers,miracles and love to you all! Indy & I are spending so much quality time together – He has been full of energy and surely does live life to its fullest! (Especially in the snow – I sit outside IN the snow for hours on end – it’s refreshing!) I am living & breathing his love! xoxo

  12.   tai09 Says:

    You and your “souldog” Indy sound very similar to Tai and myself. When she was diagnosed with lung mets at 10 months post amp my world collapsed. I then took her lead and started enjoying life one minute at a time, cherishing all of the minutes with her, having her by my side constantly and living in the moment for the moment. We refused to let the cancer steal any more time from us. Many dogs live for a good long while with lung mets and although Tai was not fortunate enough to be a long term survivor she lived every day to the fullest and even went swimming right to the end. I pray that you and Indy get to spend many many more days in the snow loving each other.

  13.   Indiana Says:

    Thank you Laura~ You speak the loving words that I feel…..Thank you for sharing your love for Tai and thank you everyone else for sharing your love with us! xoxo

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