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Indy …please keeps beating the odds

Hello everyone! I haven’t had very much time lately to post here at Indiana’s love or to visit all of our friends here. Just know that each and every one of you is in my heart. I have been visiting Tripawds on Face Book and have felt good to be able to post comforting comments there for those who are reaching out. I remember well the way I felt when my world started to fall apart piece by piece when we first heard of the devastating news of our Indy having osteosarcoma. Indy had been beating the odds for 15 1/2 months and there is not a day that I don’t feel so very blessed and thankful that we still have him by our side..there is not a day that goes by that I shed tears and there is not a day that goes by that I do not want to lose him…

Three months ago, at his 1 year check-up, the cancer appeared in his lungs and we were told that he may not live too much longer than a couple of weeks or maybe a month…they also told us that since Indy is our miracle dog that we may still have him in the spring ~ and we do!!!! It has been 3 months since my world fell apart all over again and I have been praying so much that he stays with us…. He has such a loving spirit; he is full of energy and is always so happy & grateful to be here to spread so much love. 

 After we found this out, we noticed him coughing just a couple of times when he first woke up in the AM and after naps.  It has been a little more every month. I have been noticing for a couple of weeks that he coughs in the middle of the night a little more. This week he coughs too much for my liking… I was told to start giving hi cough medicine when I feel I need to. I have been holding off & am now thinking it may be time to quiet the cough.  I pray that my boy keeps fighting like the amazing warrior that he is…I pray for one more day…I pray he may live to see his 10th birthday in June….Indy – please keep beating the odds…we love you so much xoxo

5 Responses to “Indy …please keeps beating the odds”

  1.   fightingforsammy Says:

    This makes me happy he is still with you, and brings tears because of your plea’s. I pray for him too.
    Come on 10th birthday!

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  2.   etgayle Says:

    enjoy each and every moment with that miracle boy!!! there are no guarantees in life, but we’re sending our best juju to indy, keep beating the odds big guy!!!

    charon & gayle

  3.   admin Says:

    The discovery of Jerry’s lung mets brought back all those dreadful feelings from his original diagnosis and amputation, but it was by no means a death sentence. He loved life on three legs for about another eight months.

    Doctors always seem to provide the worst possible prognosis. Indy is a miracle dog indeed. Keep loving every moment together!

  4.   indiana Says:

    Thank you so much fo your sweet words of comfort everyone! I so enjoy my boy’s companionship & love. He has deep love of life and he teaches me to enjoy each and every day…because you bever really know what the next day brings.. Indy’s doctor is so attached to our miracle dog. He makes comments…as a friend,outside of him being a doctor and has hope that Indy will stay around for a while. In fact, Indy’s doctor made an appt with us to go for a walk so he & Indy could have a visit!! xoxo

  5.   jerry Says:

    Indy, with so much love surrounding you, you will live forever! Keep on beating the odds and showing humans what livin’s all about. Nothing gets you down!

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