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♥ Simple pleasures that Indy’s mom enjoys ♥

I have enjoyed Indy’s simple pleasures year after year…day after day….once in a while we still have the gift of one of these simple pleasures…I really do miss having them all…but I am thrilled to just have one (or even two!!)

Simple pleasures like when Indy follows me to the door if I run outside for a moment…I head back inside and there’s that beautiful face looking back at me through the window…

Simple pleasures like when I go out for a while & I don’t worry about him while I am gone….When I return home…he runs to the door to greet me with that big smile & wagging that bushy tail that is in a curl!

Simple pleasures like having Indy laying down right underneath us when we are having dinner at the kitchen table….I can’t even move my chair because he is one with it!

Simple pleasures like watching Indy dive into his food dish head first like he never ate in his life….he licks and cleans the bowl and sniffs around for more…

Simple pleasures like watching Indy run to his toy box & poke his head inside and choose a squeaky stuffed toy to play with…or a bone to chew on intensely…

Simple pleasures like having my boy walk right by my side as we enjoy are walks every day….it warms my heart when Indy’s friends stop to say hello….

Simple pleasures like having my boy ride in the truck every day with his head out the window….happy as a happy boy can be – just like he is flying!

 There are so many of Indy’s simple pleasures that I have engraved in my heart….There are so many more that I will always remember…There is so much to celebrate – for my Indy is still here by my side. Those simple pleasures are far and few between…but these days…every moment with my Indy is one simple pleasure!!

I do have, however simple pleasures like the never ending kisses accompanied by the never ending songs even on his not  so good days…

I do have simple pleasures like my Indy always looking at me with love! I do have sinmple pleasures when Indy has a very good day xoxo

Our boy loves to love..loves to live…and always has a song in his heart♥



6 Responses to “♥ Simple pleasures that Indy’s mom enjoys ♥”

  1.   katie Ledergerber Says:

    Lovely – I think you should put all of this into a book. All of this life experience is such a special gift.

  2.   Ginger Says:

    Indy –

    I am so happy that you give your Momma all those simple pleasures. I bet you get a lot of love back from her.

    So, here is to another 16 months of those little simple things that we need to be grateful for. But most importantly, here is to you and the love you share with your Mom.

    Ginger and pawrents

  3.   Karen Gutterman Says:

    Carol,I just love your simple pleasures…would make a very, very nice book/song/’re expressing all out heartfelt feelings what we all have with our fur babies,thanks!!

  4.   CatiesMom Says:

    Thank you for the reminder to capture those simple but potent pleasures!

  5.   jerry Says:

    What a beautiful list of gratitude and beauty.

    Indy, you are a wise and good teacher.

  6.   indiana Says:

    Thank you all so much!!! I love to write ~ especially poetry. I’m sure you’ll see more from time to time xoxo
    I am thinking one day I WILL write a book!!! I am definitely going to have an Indiana web site dedicated to my love for him. I love that I have this blog to get me started!!
    I love all of you! xoxo

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