♥ Next week Indiana will beat the odds for 17 months ♥

Next week Indy will beat the odds against osteosarcoma for SEVENTEEN months! That is really a miracle – he is our miracle & our gift! That big cuddly, furry love of ours!

Our beautiful boy (or should I say handsome!) is such a gentle warrior. All he wants to do is love us – especially his mommy ~who he always wants by his side to give so many kisses!

Indy has had a month full of ups and downs and good days and not so good days and some pretty amazing days. It has been a very emotional roller coaster for us! He has given us a few scares…but he keeps surprising us and shows us that he is not ready to leave us! My only wish is for him to stay with us living a good quality of life!


 He is enjoying life right now, even though he has slowed down. Those things we take for granted are now milestones… Simple things like sitting up, playing with his toys, following me around the house, eating his breakfast without me hand-feeding him and much more. He has had many milestones this month when I didn’t think there would be anymore…He keeps surprising us each and every day. That I am SO thankful & grateful for!

  In 13 days Indy will celebrate his 10th birthday! It will surely be a day to celebrate our most wonderful tripawd in the universe!  I hold on so tight to him every time I give him a big hug & and that is very often! He is the most loving  dog I have ever met ~ he touches my soul in so many ways & has taught me to be strong when I didn’t think I could be! I just love him so ♥

6 thoughts on “♥ Next week Indiana will beat the odds for 17 months ♥”

  1. indy, we are pulling for you!!! we’ll have a celebration here in ET, declaring it ‘indy day’ on june 20th!!!

    charon & gayle

    1. Thank you everyone!!! It means so much that Indy has so many friends cheering him on! He has had 6 days of eating all on his own!! He is full of life and loving his mommy for taking such good care of him – waiting on him paw and paws! Charon – where is ET? You are so sweet to have “Indy Day” !! I shed so many tears with all of this love pouring out at us xoxo

  2. Indy, you look so great out there on that beautiful spring day. How pawesome to see another season with your family.

    Your story does our hearts good too, we love knowing that you are enjoying life. Keep it up!

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