♥ Happy birthday to the spirit of Indiana ♥


Indy’s birthday was June 20th, one week after he left for his journey to the  heavens above…  Pretty soon I will post our last day together – which was a very special day ~ as every day has been with him.  I find comfort knowing that he was happy and felt so loved until  his very last breath!

 When it was getting closer to his 10th birthday, so many friends of Indiana wanted me to celebrate in style with a cake and favors!!  Indy was going to give out his famous Indy kisses!!  Since we had to say goodbye before his special day arrived, I decided that I would celebrate his life and invite all who loved him. I ordered a cake & made up special memory cards with my poem on the back.

  I had many friends who stopped stop by for hugs andthey wrote in a special memory book that is filled with photos of our boy on each page. They enjoyed the cake & I put a necklace around their neck with the special memory card attached…  They brought cards, flowers and  even plants to make an Indy garden! It was such a beautiful tribute!   I had many friends write to say they could not make it – but they were there in friendship & love!

 Since the celebration of his life, I have received  even more  visits, e-mails and numerous cards  ~ they are still coming in the mail! I have had friends take me out to lunch and have received so many phone calls.  It warms my heart to know that so many people, even ones who have never met him, just loved him & followed his amazing story… and are reaching out with love!  

 Indiana was featured in the local paper and they published the  very long story that I wrote as the guest blogger at Tripawds as he was beating the odds for 17 months!  Then another local paper featured him as well a few days later. I am truly blessed to have all of this love surrounding me ~ especially the spirit of my sweet Indiana!

 I am so empty inside and my heart aches ~ but  is so full of love. Indy has touched my soul and will  always touch my heart.  I know he is here in spirit and is watching over me. I feel his presence ~ but I miss those big hugs, songs, the “I love you’s”… and all of those Indy kisses.♥

7 thoughts on “♥ Happy birthday to the spirit of Indiana ♥”

  1. Indy was a very pretty boy and an inspawration to us as we made our way through Ginger’s amputation. Thanks for sharing your tribute to Indy.

  2. Carol, what a wonderful life you shared with indy. and you’re right, he’ll always be with you in spirit – close your eyes and just know that. you are truly blessed, and totally deserving, to have such wonderful friends and support. thanks for sharing your beautiful boy with us.

    charon & gayle

  3. A big thank you to all of you! Indy sure has inspired many and his legend will live on through me. I will keep spreading our love to all of you and wish many miracles! I had the most wonderful life with Indy and yes, I am so very blessed that we found each other and loved so deeply. Love never dies… xoxo

  4. Indy, your love was more powerful than anything on this earth. Your spirit will never grow weak, it will forever remain in the hearts of countless people who were touched by your beautiful life. We will love you forever.

  5. He was a beautiful inspiration, Carol. And he lives on through you.

    Thank you for sharing him and continuing to spread his legacy of love and strength.

  6. Oh Rene, that was so beautiful… Thank you for your very special words..Thank you Carmen for your very special words too! You both know the emptiness I feel every time I come home and I am not greeted at the door with big kisses! I miss all of the hugs and the warmth of his love…I have all of Indy’s things right where they belong…I am just not ready to let go…I will never let him go in my heart and I will love him forever…

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