My poem to honor all of our wonderful Tripawds ♥

I wrote a poem to honor the memory of my beloved Indiana who has been my sweet angel for 7 weeks now… I miss him more every day and he lives on in my heart forever.

This poem is also to pay  tribute to all of the wonderful tripawds out there!! xoxo


I am a gentle tripawd warrior

I am a gentle tripawd warrior…

Living life the best I can.

I am ready to face whatever I have to

Because life has chosen a new plan.

I am very brave…

 and I am very strong.

Don’t be sad… because I am so happy!

And I will be … all day long!

I love you for the choice you made,

I am so grateful every day…

Don’t regret it for a moment…

For I enjoy life and I still can play!

You have given me a second chance

To stay here with you.

I am not sure how long I’ll be here…

But the quality of our love is so true.

Let’s enjoy every moment

Of this love we chose.

I will love you forever…

And that…everyone knows…

Written with much love by  ~ Carol Roberts ~

Copyright August 2011


“The Spirit of Indiana will live on forever with so much love”


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