♥Indiana will live on in our hearts forever ♥~ sharing a new video with you ♥

With many tears, I created this video to pay tribute to the most amazing dog in the world! Almost 3 months have gone by since we had to say goodbye and my heart is broken more than I thought possible. I miss those Indy kisses… I miss those Indy songs… I miss his sweet voice!!! I miss giving my big lover boy the biggest hug in the world – and never letting go! I MISS HIM

Indy was my soul dog and we were so very close. When he became a “Tripawd” our bond grew stronger than ever! To save his life for at least 4 months from osteosarcoma, we had his front left limb removed. This changed our lives forever…(for the bettter) and he lived 17 months!! We made the best decision and will always be grateful we did!! We had a miracle each and every day!!

I lived my whole life around Indy to give him the best life possible – filled with so much love! He taught us all about the power of love and how to live life to its fullest – no matter what! He was an inspiration to many and also to many fellow- Tripawds. He will forever leave paw prints in our hearts. I will spread the love and inspiration about Indiana and keep his memory alive.

Love never dies…neither will the “spirit of Indiana”… We love him with all of our hearts… I love him with all of my heart and soul (more and more each day!)!!!

Love from Indiana’s mom ~~ Carol~~


♥ ♥ ♥FOREVER!!!!

AND EVER ♥ ♥ ♥








14 thoughts on “♥Indiana will live on in our hearts forever ♥~ sharing a new video with you ♥”

  1. Beautiful photos! We’ll need to check out the video on YouTube.

    FYI: You’ll need to adjust your YouTube account settings to allow embedding, if you want them to play here in your blog.

  2. oh carol, we can’t believe it’s been three months. you did a wonderful job on indy’s video, it’s perfect. thanks so much for sharing him with us, indy set the bar high for all tripawds to come.

    charon & gayle

    1. Thank you Charon and for always being here!! September 13th will be 3 months without my handsome boy. I miss his presence, his gentle kisses and hugging him! It really hasn’t gotten better yet – I miss him even more..I know he lives on in me and that is a comfort..I am so happy to share hope with all of you!! There will be more videos and even more pictures too!!
      Love from Indiana’s mom ~ ~~Carol~~

  3. Carol,
    What a beautiful beautiful boy Indiana was. Your video was so full of love and the magic of Indiana. I’m not ashamed to say that I cried the whole way through. The bond you two shared so reminded me of the closeness I felt between Fortis and I. I lost my friend eight months ago and not a day passes that I don’t shed a tear for him. I’m afraid a part of me left with Fortis that day and I’ve struggled to find my footing ever since. Thanks for sharing your precious Indiana. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    I thought your poem was beautiful. Thank you 🙂

    Brett & Spirit Fortis

    1. My dear Brett,
      Thank you for writing… I am happy you enjoyed my tribute to my miracle dog!! I cry through my videos and everyone else’s too! I am so sorry you lost your loving Fortis. The way you described how you feel is just how I feel too. I feel so lost without my Indiana as I am so in love with him… My thoughts and prayers are with you too! There will be more videos and poems on the way xoxo
      Love from Indiana’s mom ~~ Carol ~~

  4. Oh sweetie your video is breathtaking. Thank you for reading Mary’s story 😉 We are Reading indys story. It’s not easy doing the cancer thing, but your words do bring comfort to us. Indy was a true angel, bringing hope to a stranger. We are gonna keep our paws crossed that our cancer takes a while to come back.

    Forever in our hearts,
    Mary the big red dog 😉

    1. My dear Mary the Red dog’s mom~
      My wish is to help everyone who is going through what we did… I reached out when Indy was 10 months beating the odds and wished I had done so sooner…However, Rene at Tripawds & I e-mailed back & forth and she was so very comforting to me!! It really helps to know that you are not alone & so many of us feel the same fear, hopes and love for our tripawds!! My Indy angel lives on in me & through me…With his love…I reach out to all of you..
      Wishing Mary a long & happy life!!Love from Indiana’s mom ~~Carol~~

  5. Spirit Indy, what a great video your Momma did! We loved seeing you in action in all your glory in the pretty snow.

    We miss you my friend, but we know that love does indeed conquer all, even this thing we call ‘death.’ Never, ever does true love go away. And you, my friend, will always live on here at Tripawds. xoxo

  6. Rene ~ Thank you from the Spirit of Indy!!!!

    I love all of your very sweet comments~ they mean so much to me! Indiana will live on at Tripawds through me.

    I will keep his memory alive and add more posts, pictures, poems and hope for others. You & Tripawds.com are the best!!! (so is Spirit Jerry) xoxo

    1. Oh Jenna,
      I cry every time I watch someone else’s video and all through my creations! I feel like I am visiting with my Indy boy every time I make a new video. I miss him so much ~ I know you are still heartbroken too. Our sweet angels are living on inside of our hearts…My prayers are being sent your way. Big hugs…with love from Indiana’s mom

  7. Carol,
    I really need to speak with you. My 11 year old Husky, Opie, is in the final stages of anal sac adenocarcinoma cancer. In February I noticed that his tail was leaning to one side. I felt around his tail and found a hard mass about the size of half a tennis ball. At first I thought it was muscle until I felt the other side. I hadn’t seen it because of his thick furt. The next day I took him to the local vet who looked at me with doom and gloom. His technician did, as well. Opie was given no more than a few months to live. I contacted Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital and enrolled him in a Pfizer drug trial (Palladia). After the trial was finished I had them administer 4 doses of palliative radiation. I wanted him to have a good summer with my sons when they came home from college. In all, I drove him 2 hours both way, 9 times in all, to Columbus and OSU. It’s now September and he’s getting thinner. He’s straining to eliminate and I spoon feed him. He does, however, want to go for walks. My sons are now 20 and 21 but were just little guys when we brought him home. They are back in college now. This is so painful, as you well know. It’s so painful to watch.

  8. I watched the video and felt your love with Indy coursing stong and true through the whole thing. The music and HIS beautiful song brought me to tears.
    I am so sorry he is gone, but he is very obviously not forgotten. What a lucky boy that he has you to be his voice.

    Sweet notes, sweet sweet boy.


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