Honoring my sweet spirit of Indiana ♥ 6/20/2001 to 6/13/2011

A poem to honor my sweet angel ~ Indiana: You will live on in my heart & in my soul forever. Oh how I miss you so!!!

Three months have gone by my sweet angel of mine…

You’re in the heavens and you make it shine…

Every time I look to the sky ~I see you smiling ~

And I will try ~  to be happy ~ although I still have tears…

And I will spread your love ~ throughout the years.

Sweet Indiana~ you’re in my heart every day ~

And you will always hear me say:

I love you deeply ~ I miss you so…

I was so sad to see you go ~but I know that where you are ~

You are at peace ~ you are my shining star.

♥ Written with much love from Indiana’s mom ~~Carol~~♥

Copyright September 2011


13 thoughts on “Honoring my sweet spirit of Indiana ♥ 6/20/2001 to 6/13/2011”

  1. thats a beautiful poem. It makes me smile to think of the love you share with her. I wish she was still with you, what you had with her (and still do) was very special.

    I just read a book called “a dogs purpose”. I think you would love it. It is about reincarnation and a dog finding his person again.


    1. Thank you!!!You are so sweet Elizabeth! The love I share with my Indy is an eternal love ~ like no other. He was my soul dog and I wil love him until the end of time… I know one day, maybe next year, I will have another husky to love… ( I hope to see Indy shining through once in a while as I want one the same coloring!)I can’t imagine it quite yet… I am still so busy spreading Indy’s love! He has touched so many hearts…and still does!
      I am almost done with a book I am reading, I will add that book to my list and I look forward to reading it!!! I hope my Indy finds me one day and I find him!!
      Much love & hugs,

      1. Carol,

        I know Indy is a boy, I am soooooo sorry! I logged in early this am and apparently lost my marbles. Hugs, and here is to hope, it is never a bad thing.


          1. Here is to hope 🙂

            I just remembered, my mom’s beautiful husky “Nikko”. She was so perfect, she was everyones go to girl. She was killed by accident about 16 years ago. She is the spitting image of Indy. Her best quality was so was the “go between” of all the animals in the house. If you had a problem, you saw Nikko, she was gentle, and smart. Huskys are beautiful anyway, but when they have wisdom, they are priceless. Indy has the same special extraordinary “twinkle, or knowing”. I wish I could think of a better way to describe such a one in a billion boy.

          2. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing Nikko’s story with me. She sounded like a real gentle soul. She did sound a lot like my Indy and she looked like him too!!So sorry she was in an accident :0( Indy was extraordinary, loving & was always there for me with so much love in is heart and oh – the way he used to look at me with such love – he melted my heart xoxo

    1. My dear Charon and Gayle…Thank you! yes, he is at peace and I know he would want me to find peace too…. Time goes by so fast , yet so slow….Love never ends – it is eternal!
      Much love & many hugs,

  2. beautiful. makes me miss my chili dawg. i’m sure he and indy are lounging in the sun together 🙂 (although i wish we were next to both of them-that would make it even better).

  3. Oh Jenna, I know you miss your Chil Dawg – he is with you always….and..yes…he & indy are running free and looking down at us and saying -” mommy ~ please don’t cry”. I smile when I think of how blessed I am to have loved Indiana and I cry because I just want to hold him again… One day we will go through a day tear-free!! But those tears are shed for the best tripawds ever! How lucky are we to have loved so deeply!
    Many hugs are being sent your way with love..

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