♥ Celebrating the loving memory of my Indiana ♥ One year remembrance ♥

♥ Celebrating the loving memory of my Indiana ♥ He was loved by so many xoxo His amazing life lives on in my heart each and every day…and I will love him forever…
I love my tripawd family – you are the best – and so are all of our tripawd warriors that are here with us now and in our hearts….and those that are with Indiana at the rainbow bridge.. … .until we meet again.
Thank you especially Rene and Jim for you were there when I needed you the most!! You guys are the best!
Sending my love and blessings to all of you xoxo

6 thoughts on “♥ Celebrating the loving memory of my Indiana ♥ One year remembrance ♥”

  1. 17 months! Oh my! Weren’t you all so lucky. I am hopeful for the same. He was quite a stunner. SO handsome. I understand your emptiness and loss, but I’m so happy he gave you love and life – and the same you gave to him. He’s running free and fast over the Rainbow.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Indiana’s story. I am in tears as I recall my own short journey with Summit who I lost Sept. 13, 2011. It was only 12 weeks after his own surgery. A bacterial infection took him suddenly which still causes me great pain as I still wonder if it could have been avoided. Hearing of Indiana’s last hours and of some of the challenges you endured in those 17 months reminds me that had Summit lived, I would have had those same challenges. My rose-coloured glasses often forget it was a war we had only just begun and that I was spared many battles. That doesn’t make his death any less painful or shocking. It’s so wonderful to hear stories like this where you received more time — something we all want with these wonderful beings. Thank you.

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