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I am so thankful for the miracle of Indy!

This year, I am not only thankful for my wonderful family, friends and for our good health…but I am most thankful for the miracle of Indy!  He is my soul dog and my best companion. I am so thankful for the gift of Indiana ~ and for all of the love and prayers that have  been sent our way! I am so thankful that my prayers have been answered. I am SO thankful that I still have my boy right by my side to hug, kiss and love as often as I can!

I  am so thankful for this wonderful new friendship I have with the “tripawd world” ~ for all of you out there know this special kind of love. I cry tears of joy as I write this and for all of our tripawd survivors and for the ones that are now living on in your hearts…  So on this holiday when we all give thanks ~ let’s  hear it for our wonderful tripawds!! Let’s hear it for the power of prayer & most of all … the power of love  xoxo

6 Responses to “I am so thankful for the miracle of Indy!”

  1.   maggie Says:

    Nicely written – very well said! I am thankful indeed for my dog’s second chance on life – on 3 legs…three healthy legs 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2.   fightingforsammy Says:

    Oh I agree, really really agree. I am thankful too!
    Elizabeth and Sammy

  3.   admin Says:

    And we are thankful for Tripawds members like you who make this community the wonderful family it has become!

  4.   Ginger Says:

    On this day of thanks, you could not have said it any better. Be thankful for all the things that matter in your life: those that care for and love you, for those you love and for everything in life that makes us smile each and every day.

    But most importantly, let us be thankful for those 3 and 4 legged fur balls that show us what it really means to love unconditionally.

    Ginger and pack

  5.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Amen – I agree with everyone else – you could not have said this any better. Let’s do hear it for the power of prayer & the power of love. We are so thankful too for giving our tripawds back their quality of life and being loved by them so unconditionally. Let us all learn the lessons of the power of love from our beautiful tripawd heroes. They are our true miracle and gift in life.

  6.   jerry Says:

    Here here! Let us all give thanks for the power of Dog during good times and bad, but especially now during this beautiful time of year.

    What a beautiful group of people we have here, I can’t think of a place where dogs are more loved and treasured. Cheers to our Tripawd families! Hoppy Holidays!

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