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Indy’s simple pleasures


My Indy loves the simple things in life… Kisses and hugs, peanut butter, chewing on an autumn leaf, cracking open & eating an acorn,  kisses and hugs, peanut butter, talking up a storm, singing, playing with his squeaky toy stuffed animals, licking mommy’s lips after she brushes her teeth, kisses and hugs, peanut butter, walking with his mommy, (and daddy on the weekends), running  & jumping  (until he tore the ligament in his knee), hanging out & sleeping in the snow for hours with his mommy by his side,  kisses and hugs, peanut butter, chewing on his galileo and nylabones, EATING, riding in the truck, napping on the deck , napping in his cozy places, cuddling,  giving his love to all of his doggy & human friends (especially his mommy & daddy)(Casey & Joe t00!), COOKIES,  kisses and hugs, and ….did I mention he loves peanut butter? xoxo

6 Responses to “Indy’s simple pleasures”

  1.   Leslie Says:

    Oh Indy, my pups love their peanut butter too! That’s the single biggest motivator in our house. I just love your smile in that first pic.

  2.   admin Says:

    Precious… but what about peanut butter!? 😉

  3.   jerry Says:

    Ah ha, the things life is made of. Those are some of my favorites too!

  4.   Stephanie Banks Says:

    Why I think the incredibly handsome Indy is very fond of peanut butter!! AND! loves his mom….

  5.   jwithers Says:

    This made me giggle…..gotta love peanut butter.. 🙂 xoxoxo to Indy!

  6.   indiana Says:

    I have to say…first of all thank you for sharing the love and second~ peanut butter has been a life saver! I rubbed peanut butter along the outside of the syringe for Indy’s cough medicine and I was able to get it down his throat like magic! He was too busy licking his favorite flavor to notice the medicine!!I was so worried that I wouldn’t be successful…. Gotta love him..and I sure do!!!!

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