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Indiana gave us a scare ~ he is doing fine now ~ thank goodness!

My sweet Indiana gave us quite a scare Thursday night! It started off as a wonderful day filled with fun! We had a walk in the morning & spent some relaxing time outside on the deck in the nice fresh air. After I returned home from work in the afternoon, we went for a ride in the truck & visited a few friends who have shops up-town. (and delivered kisses) We ended up walking a little more – and boy did he pull me down the sidewalk! We went for a couple of errands & a friend of mine visited him in the truck & he gave out even more kisses!  After our ride, Indy relaxed on the deck as I spent almost an hour vacuuming & wiping down the truck. Indy had a yummy dinner and took a nap as my hubby & I went out for a few hours. He was absolutely fine!!!

Upon our return, Indy was not in a good way. His beautiful bright eyes were glossy and had no life in them, he couldn’t hold his head up and he seemed like the vibrant energy left him. We cuddled for bit I gave him plenty of kisses.  I tried so hard to hold back my tears ~ it wasn’t easy, but I wanted to be brave  ~ I wanted to tell Indy that everything will be ok. We managed to get him up to take his cough medicine ~ he barely opened his mouth. I spread peanut butter all over the syringe & he licked slowly but he seemed like he had an appetite. ( A couple of weeks ago he coughed an awful lot and through the night – so we started him on cough medicine 3 times a day & he takes it like a champ – licking, licking the PB) Then we got him up to go outside to do his business and when he returned he sat up and did the real heavy panting that he does when he is in pain. Just sat there & looked the other way with his eyes barely opened.  He usually gives us 100’s of kisses and he wasn’t strong enough~ but managed to give us a couple. I cuddled & kissed him some more until I got him to lie down. My husband too gave him much love At this point I decided to give him a tramadol (Pain killer) guessing he was in some sort of pain.  I cuddled with him in the kitchen until the wee hours of the night until he settled down. I wanted to sleep on the floor but hubby asked me to come to bed. I barely slept as I had my ears open all night.

In the morning he was pretty much the same way, sitting up, panting & looking the other way. But then he surprised us both with 100’s of kisses (such a good sign) I gave him another pain pill, along with his cough medicine. He licked up the PB faster than last night (a good sign)! He started to perk up a little. The big test was if he would eat his breakfast (as he is a hungry hippo)!! He gobbled up his breakfast & passed the test! I canceled my yoga class and other plans because I wasn’t going to leave him. We spent from 7-1 on the deck enjoying the fresh air & each other’s company. I was bundled up in a blanket at first, as it was still a bit chilly. He seemed to have brightened up more & more as the day went on. His husky friend was out for a walk & he ran over to see her and then plopped himself down & visited while resting ~ he was so happy to see her!  By the end of the day –he perked up even more. He was singing & dancing and spreading all of his love! Bright eyed and bushy tailed and so full of life!

I am so thankful to have him back – I was really scared this time as he has never been that bad. I thought we were going to lose him but he said – not yet –“I have so much more living to do – so much more love to spread!!” xoxo


10 Responses to “Indiana gave us a scare ~ he is doing fine now ~ thank goodness!”

  1.   maximutt Says:

    Indy, I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Try not to scare your Mom so much, okay? Take it easy and rest, big guy.

  2.   etgayle Says:

    oh gosh, we are so sorry you got so scared!! geesh indi, you shouldn’t worry your mama so!! glad this was just a bump in the road and indi is feeling better now. keep enjoying every moment!!!

    charon & gayle

  3.   neysha Says:

    Oh Carol, that must have been a big scare. I am glad he popped right back and mainly because he knows how much he is loved. Thinking of you and will light a candle for him tonight

  4.   daisy2010 Says:

    Oh Indi! Don’t scare your mom and dad like that! Glad you are feeling better.

  5.   jerry Says:

    Oh Indy please don’t scare us like that, that was the scariest story ever. No wonder your Mom didn’t email us back yesterday!

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Whatever it was, I’m just glad that you have that sparkle in your eyes again, you sure look hoppy in those beautiful pictures.

  6.   admin Says:

    Glad to see that Indy Smile!

  7.   tazzy Says:

    Indy keep up the good work! Mom wants you to make it to your birthday and you love your mom lots (and don’t forget all the peanut butter between now and then)

  8.   indiana Says:

    Thank you so much everyone ~ I have never seen Indy like that before… in less than 12 hours he was already looking & feeling like the Indy we all know & love… All of the prayers & love from all over the world are working – thank you again!
    We would love for him to make it to his 10th bithday on June 18th. That would make him beating the odds for17 months (1 year and 5 months!) Wouldn’t that be so very wonderful! He is the love of my life and we are so connected….xoxo

  9.   Donna Says:

    Oh Thank God…He is definitely a brave boy! You are both so lucky to have each other..and I know you know that

  10.   Tricia Sellars Says:

    What a beaustiful boy and a beautiful story. Thankyou so much for sharing this with me and all of us. I wish I couldhave known Indiana.

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