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Indiana loves to talk to his mommy

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

I take pictures and videos every day of my Indy because I want to capture as many moments as I can! I embrace his life and keep praying for our miracle to last xoxo

Enjoy my 2nd video that I created featuring…Indiana our miracle Siberian Husky! I am in the process of creating another one – it’s almost done!!! Stay tuned…. xoxo

Beating the odds – going on 15 months! See Indy’s puppy pictures on a local doggie web site! xoxo

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Hello…It is  now going on 15 months for our miracle dog who is beating the odds against osteosarcoma! It is now 8 weeks since the doctors told us that Indy may only be with us for another couple of weeks or maybe a month due to the cancer re-surfacing in his lungs…..Well..I am SO happy to report that my boy is right by my side… singing his happy tunes and enjoying life as he knows it ..and he sure does feel all of the love! I am the luckiest gal on earth because I still have my Indy…one more day!!

I wish all of you out there the same miracle! I  send love to those who have had the miracle of your tripawd and they now live on in your hearts. xoxo

A special web site Gracie’s Bark has taken an interest in our miracle dog! Indy was one of the lucky dogs to be featured (again) on their web site and this time with his puppy pictures!! Enjoy!!

Our Indy is in the local newspaper once again….beating the odds 14 months now!

Friday, March 11th, 2011

I haven’t had time to write for a month…time keeps flying by!!  I wanted to let you know that Indy is doing so good!  I have been granted many blessings and my prayers are answered each and every day! I am so in love with him and I love every moment I have loving him xoxo

Indiana my snow dog ~ I will always be by your side ♥

Thursday, February 10th, 2011


Just stopping in for a moment to say that I am grateful for each and every moment I share with my boy! (and most of the time it is spent “in the snow” side by side! After all ~ he our snow dog!  He is our miracle – still fighting bone cancer for just about 1 year and 1 month now! 

Three weeks ago we were told the cancer has appeared in his lungs and the ex-rays showed that the tumors were 2″.   I am not sure how bad that is but I am focusing on the good and especially on his life ~ and how much I want him to enjoy it! The only difference I have visibly seen in the past month is that he coughs once in a while when he wakes up in the morning and a couple of times during the day. He also labors more as he breathes ~ but it’s hard to tell what’s normal or not since he pants a lot anyway!!This morning I was a little worried, as he coughed a lot. Once he was up & about – he seemed just fine. He is talking to me, pulling me in the snow and just being Indy!! 

We were just sitting in the snow a few moments ago on this bright and sunny day. I wanted to have my lunch & touch base to say hello. Wishing you all blessings and miracles and comfort too.  I pray for all of you as I pray for our Indiana. xoxo

“Just one more snow storm” for Indy… our wish for him…we have had many for him to enjoy!

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011


I always hoped that Indy would live to enjoy one more snowstorm…..Well…he is here enjoying blizzard after blizzard… With his mom right by his side – always… I spend hours & hours enjoying the brisk, fresh, snowy air with my loving snowdog! 

Anything for him ~ I will help him live life to its fullest and savor every moment as I love him with all of my heart & soul xoxo

Indy is a celebrity xoxo

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Enjoy this article that was a follow-up from a feature story in October…as Indy has survived cancer for one year and then some…    (Indy & I spent the WHOLE day today outside in the snow and we loved every minute ~ he is doing amazing xoxo)

Indy touches my soul as I pray for one more miracle

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

We received very sad news on 1/19/11 after having Indy’s lungs ex-rayed for his “one -year” check-up. I knew that this day would come, but  didn’t want to focus on it, as I wanted to enjoy and cherish each and every day of our boy’s life that we were given. It has been a miracle that we have had him this long and we are so thankful to have this very special time to give & receive so much love…

Indy’s lung ex-rays now show that the cancer is back. The cells that were originally microscopic when we he was first diagnosed, have developed into large tumors. (2 right now). When the osteosarcoma attacks one area ~ it immediately spreads to the lungs…and waits… It could re-surface at any time… It usually does not “wait” this long to attack again, as it is one of the most aggressive cancers that there is.  We have been truly blessed, and then some, that it waited one year to attack.  The doctors told us that he may have weeks or maybe a month…and if we have another miracle…maybe even a couple of months… We are grateful for every single day that we have him by our side…He is our blessing, and my soul dog… 

He is doing amazing right now – you would never know he was sick…He pulls us into the snow so he can “frolic”, he still wants to go for his walks, he still so enjoys relaxing in the big pile of snow that we call his “snow bed”!( We keep ¾ of our good size deck covered in snow.) We give our Indy a winter wonderland!

We have to pray that Indy does not feel pain and that he lives life to its fullest ~ as he always does. We will do everything in our power to be sure he is comfortable and give him extra doses of love, hugs & kisses which he already has been getting a steady dose of (his whole life and then some) !

I feel like I do not ever want to leave his side…I don’t want to miss one minute of his love…one minute of his sweet kisses and the way he puts his paw on our hand as we hug him, the amazing voice he has when he says “I love you” and talks to his heart’s content…and how he enjoys his singing and howling…I hold on to the way he looks at us ~ with so much love, how he counts to 10 ~ and how he always is by our side no matter what part of the house we are in… he has  “bright eyes and a bushy tail that is so adorable as it curls, the list goes on….… He is one happy Siberian husky that we love with all of our hearts!!!!

I am heartbroken and beyond… I write this with tears and sadness – but much joy ~ we still have Indiana to love…I pray even more than ever….please give us one more day…

Indiana, our snow dog is in his glory

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Indiana, our snow dog has been in his glory for the past couple of weeks with all of this snow! I have spent pretty much every day sitting outside for hours – all bundled up with my boy!  I will do everything I can to make him happy and to give him the best life ever xoxo

For those of you who are visiting Indiana’s Love for the first time ~ welcome and please visit often, as I still have to update his story on the links to the right…I will try to work on it very soon….  Thank you everyone for understanding, as this is my first blog & I am still learning!

Our prayers have been answered ~ Our boy ~Indiana has beat the odds for one year today!

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Words can’t describe how blessed I am that we still have our Indiana with us today! With guidance from my wonderful husband, I was able to create this beautiful video of our Indiana.  Enjoy!!!! I had many tears and smiles throughout its creation! I pray for the gift of one more day for as many days possible xoxo

May this New Year bring more hope and most of all… miracles

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful tripawds and their parents! I want to thank each and every one of you who have commented on my posts so far. I haven’t been on the Tripawd blogs very often due to my very busy schedule. I still would love to finish up “Indy’s Story” on the right side of this blog in the very near future… I also would love the chance to read your loving posts and get to know you and make some comments too! xoxo Indy is technically a ONE YEAR survivor – though we chose the date he was diagnosed on 1/14/10 to be the “date”.  On that date I will post a tribute to our most wonderful Siberian husky in the world! Stay tuned xoxo