♥Happy Holiday weekend to our tripawd family♥

Sending our love to all of you on this holiday weekend and always! Have fun & be safe! Be sure to give all of your tripawds a big hug & kiss from us !

 We are usually away in Aruba celebrating our anniversary…this is the 2nd year in a row we chose to have a “staycation”…so we can stay with our sweet, loveable Indiana (I love him so!)

Indiana has not been  full of energy for the past 3 weeks … but he has been so full of love! Our prayers are being answered each and every day…because he is still by our side xoxo

♥ Simple pleasures that Indy’s mom enjoys ♥

I have enjoyed Indy’s simple pleasures year after year…day after day….once in a while we still have the gift of one of these simple pleasures…I really do miss having them all…but I am thrilled to just have one (or even two!!)

Simple pleasures like when Indy follows me to the door if I run outside for a moment…I head back inside and there’s that beautiful face looking back at me through the window…

Simple pleasures like when I go out for a while & I don’t worry about him while I am gone….When I return home…he runs to the door to greet me with that big smile & wagging that bushy tail that is in a curl!

Simple pleasures like having Indy laying down right underneath us when we are having dinner at the kitchen table….I can’t even move my chair because he is one with it!

Simple pleasures like watching Indy dive into his food dish head first like he never ate in his life….he licks and cleans the bowl and sniffs around for more…

Simple pleasures like watching Indy run to his toy box & poke his head inside and choose a squeaky stuffed toy to play with…or a bone to chew on intensely…

Simple pleasures like having my boy walk right by my side as we enjoy are walks every day….it warms my heart when Indy’s friends stop to say hello….

Simple pleasures like having my boy ride in the truck every day with his head out the window….happy as a happy boy can be – just like he is flying!

 There are so many of Indy’s simple pleasures that I have engraved in my heart….There are so many more that I will always remember…There is so much to celebrate – for my Indy is still here by my side. Those simple pleasures are far and few between…but these days…every moment with my Indy is one simple pleasure!!

I do have, however simple pleasures like the never ending kisses accompanied by the never ending songs even on his not  so good days…

I do have simple pleasures like my Indy always looking at me with love! I do have sinmple pleasures when Indy has a very good day xoxo

Our boy loves to love..loves to live…and always has a song in his heart♥



♥Indiana ~ the love of my life ~ is still beating the odds for 16 months today♥

Sharing with you a very happy moment Indy & I had last night!  Enjoy, shed a few tears (I sure did) and give your tripawd a great big hug for us♥

I pray for all of you ~that you, too may have a miracle! 16 months is a very long time to have “one more day” to love… I am so blessed to still have my boy right by my side – where he belongs. I know he hasn’t been doing so well this past week, but he is comfortable and so full of love…  with a song in his heart!  I am afraid to lose him, but I have been so very blessed so far. I don’t want to make anybody sad ~ especially for those who have just begun the tripawd journey. It sure has been quite an experience so far, but I have learned to be strong – I learned from the best – my Indiana! I would like to reach out to all of you with open arms and tell you not to be afraid.  Our tripawds live in the moment … they enjoy each and every day of their lives and they are so full of love… ♥

♥ Indy, my soul dog has such a will to live ♥

Yesterday I spent the whole day right by Indy’s side  hugging him from the moment I jumped out of bed….I stayed home from work & canceled appointments that I had… I didn’t want to leave him.

He wasn’t interested in having  his breakfast – which I was told was not a very good sign. He  usually runs me over if I don’t get out of his way once I set down his food dish. Indy lives to eat  (and then he lives to be loved…)  I was very worried but he surprised me two hours later &  had his breakfast when I offered it to him again.

The doctor said to give him pain meds from now on along with the cough medicine 3 x’s a day.He brightened up a little as the day went on.. He sang a few verses & told me that he loved me…and I got Indy kisses too!  He just hasn’t been himself since yesterday and I know he is trying to come back to me and sing his happy song. So, I pray that my boy brightens up & has that sparkle in his eyes again real soon. I just love him so!

♥ Happy Mother’s day to all of you wonderful tripawd moms ♥







Indiana gave us a scare ~ he is doing fine now ~ thank goodness!

My sweet Indiana gave us quite a scare Thursday night! It started off as a wonderful day filled with fun! We had a walk in the morning & spent some relaxing time outside on the deck in the nice fresh air. After I returned home from work in the afternoon, we went for a ride in the truck & visited a few friends who have shops up-town. (and delivered kisses) We ended up walking a little more – and boy did he pull me down the sidewalk! We went for a couple of errands & a friend of mine visited him in the truck & he gave out even more kisses!  After our ride, Indy relaxed on the deck as I spent almost an hour vacuuming & wiping down the truck. Indy had a yummy dinner and took a nap as my hubby & I went out for a few hours. He was absolutely fine!!!

Upon our return, Indy was not in a good way. His beautiful bright eyes were glossy and had no life in them, he couldn’t hold his head up and he seemed like the vibrant energy left him. We cuddled for bit I gave him plenty of kisses.  I tried so hard to hold back my tears ~ it wasn’t easy, but I wanted to be brave  ~ I wanted to tell Indy that everything will be ok. We managed to get him up to take his cough medicine ~ he barely opened his mouth. I spread peanut butter all over the syringe & he licked slowly but he seemed like he had an appetite. ( A couple of weeks ago he coughed an awful lot and through the night – so we started him on cough medicine 3 times a day & he takes it like a champ – licking, licking the PB) Then we got him up to go outside to do his business and when he returned he sat up and did the real heavy panting that he does when he is in pain. Just sat there & looked the other way with his eyes barely opened.  He usually gives us 100’s of kisses and he wasn’t strong enough~ but managed to give us a couple. I cuddled & kissed him some more until I got him to lie down. My husband too gave him much love At this point I decided to give him a tramadol (Pain killer) guessing he was in some sort of pain.  I cuddled with him in the kitchen until the wee hours of the night until he settled down. I wanted to sleep on the floor but hubby asked me to come to bed. I barely slept as I had my ears open all night.

In the morning he was pretty much the same way, sitting up, panting & looking the other way. But then he surprised us both with 100’s of kisses (such a good sign) I gave him another pain pill, along with his cough medicine. He licked up the PB faster than last night (a good sign)! He started to perk up a little. The big test was if he would eat his breakfast (as he is a hungry hippo)!! He gobbled up his breakfast & passed the test! I canceled my yoga class and other plans because I wasn’t going to leave him. We spent from 7-1 on the deck enjoying the fresh air & each other’s company. I was bundled up in a blanket at first, as it was still a bit chilly. He seemed to have brightened up more & more as the day went on. His husky friend was out for a walk & he ran over to see her and then plopped himself down & visited while resting ~ he was so happy to see her!  By the end of the day –he perked up even more. He was singing & dancing and spreading all of his love! Bright eyed and bushy tailed and so full of life!

I am so thankful to have him back – I was really scared this time as he has never been that bad. I thought we were going to lose him but he said – not yet –“I have so much more living to do – so much more love to spread!!” xoxo


Indy’s simple pleasures


My Indy loves the simple things in life… Kisses and hugs, peanut butter, chewing on an autumn leaf, cracking open & eating an acorn,  kisses and hugs, peanut butter, talking up a storm, singing, playing with his squeaky toy stuffed animals, licking mommy’s lips after she brushes her teeth, kisses and hugs, peanut butter, walking with his mommy, (and daddy on the weekends), running  & jumping  (until he tore the ligament in his knee), hanging out & sleeping in the snow for hours with his mommy by his side,  kisses and hugs, peanut butter, chewing on his galileo and nylabones, EATING, riding in the truck, napping on the deck , napping in his cozy places, cuddling,  giving his love to all of his doggy & human friends (especially his mommy & daddy)(Casey & Joe t00!), COOKIES,  kisses and hugs, and ….did I mention he loves peanut butter? xoxo

On a more positive note… Indy IS beating the odds!!!!!


♥ Our amazing Indy is beating the odds big time! 15 1/2 months from his surgery which was to save his life for 4-6 months..and 3 1/2 months since the cancer returned and they gave him a few weeks..maybe a month…He is truly our miracle and an inspiration to all who have loving tripawds ♥

I just wanted to post once again and keep my chin up this time xoxo

Indy …please keeps beating the odds

Hello everyone! I haven’t had very much time lately to post here at Indiana’s love or to visit all of our friends here. Just know that each and every one of you is in my heart. I have been visiting Tripawds on Face Book and have felt good to be able to post comforting comments there for those who are reaching out. I remember well the way I felt when my world started to fall apart piece by piece when we first heard of the devastating news of our Indy having osteosarcoma. Indy had been beating the odds for 15 1/2 months and there is not a day that I don’t feel so very blessed and thankful that we still have him by our side..there is not a day that goes by that I shed tears and there is not a day that goes by that I do not want to lose him…

Three months ago, at his 1 year check-up, the cancer appeared in his lungs and we were told that he may not live too much longer than a couple of weeks or maybe a month…they also told us that since Indy is our miracle dog that we may still have him in the spring ~ and we do!!!! It has been 3 months since my world fell apart all over again and I have been praying so much that he stays with us…. He has such a loving spirit; he is full of energy and is always so happy & grateful to be here to spread so much love. 

 After we found this out, we noticed him coughing just a couple of times when he first woke up in the AM and after naps.  It has been a little more every month. I have been noticing for a couple of weeks that he coughs in the middle of the night a little more. This week he coughs too much for my liking… I was told to start giving hi cough medicine when I feel I need to. I have been holding off & am now thinking it may be time to quiet the cough.  I pray that my boy keeps fighting like the amazing warrior that he is…I pray for one more day…I pray he may live to see his 10th birthday in June….Indy – please keep beating the odds…we love you so much xoxo

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