All I want for Christmas is Indiana! (our 11 month survivor!)

Wishing everyone a very happy Holiday season filled with miracles and new hopes! Wishing you all lots of love too!

The best Christmas gift that I could ever ask for… is the miracle of Indy! Last January I couldn’t imagine life without our boy and truly thought we would be without him by the summer. And here he is right beside me so very happy, filled with energy, charm..and love! He has survived and beat the odds for 11 months! We are so very blessed to have him in our lives! Thank goodness for miracles ~ as they do happen! xoxo

I am so thankful for the miracle of Indy!

This year, I am not only thankful for my wonderful family, friends and for our good health…but I am most thankful for the miracle of Indy!  He is my soul dog and my best companion. I am so thankful for the gift of Indiana ~ and for all of the love and prayers that have  been sent our way! I am so thankful that my prayers have been answered. I am SO thankful that I still have my boy right by my side to hug, kiss and love as often as I can!

I  am so thankful for this wonderful new friendship I have with the “tripawd world” ~ for all of you out there know this special kind of love. I cry tears of joy as I write this and for all of our tripawd survivors and for the ones that are now living on in your hearts…  So on this holiday when we all give thanks ~ let’s  hear it for our wonderful tripawds!! Let’s hear it for the power of prayer & most of all … the power of love  xoxo

My walking companion is back!!

  I just wanted share some wonderful news with all of you! After 4 months of taking it easy, my Indy has been “trotting” by my side once again for the past 6 weeks.  How wonderful is that! Maybe not the 4 miles like in the spring, but we walk 1/4 mile around the neighborhood. Sometimes I drive him “up town” and we parade around to let everyone know he is back!!!

 The doctors originally told us that this was not possible per risk of further damaging the torn ligament in his back right knee. They did say after time, the scar tissue would stabilize his knee…and it has! He still uses it in slow motion…but we walk a little slower than we did to protect it… In case you read the newspaper articles ~ I thought I’d update you with this great news!

The first day we were back walking, I had 1 neighbor run out of her house to give Indy a hug. Then a woman walking by stopped to join us. The next thing we knew… 4 cars pulled over, stopped and everyone ran out to visit with our miracle dog!  It’s a good thing I had my sunglasses on to hide the tears streaming down my face! What wonderful gift of love we had that day!  It was very emotional!  GO INDY! Mommy loves you!

Welcome to Indiana’s love!

 Today, 11/14/10, Indy is a 10 month survivor! We are so truly blessed to still have him in our lives.  With the power of love and the power of prayer ~ a miracle has been sent our way!  We embrace each and every moment and are thankful that he has lived another day! We are so thankful that we have another day of his love!

I am very new at blogging, so please give me a little time to  start. First, I am trying to write “his story” on the pages to the right. Once I finish bringing the pages up to date…then I will attempt to “blog”!

Indiana has inspired me to take a deep breath and give it a try!! xoxo